Ashmarie Ramos Sanchez

Ashmarie Ramos Sanchez


Outspoken free-thinker and Activist, Ashmarie has spent the latest years of her life exploring and speaking up against the modern tools of female oppression.  As most women born in Puerto Rico, the heart of the Caribbean, Ashley is well-acquainted with what we call "Machismo", or misogyny, which is deeply rooted within Latin American cultures.  Ashmarie is an old-school Feminist, based on equity, and likes to be distinguished from the recent Feminazi-anti-patriarchy bandwagon.

Ashmarie is particularly adamant about the role of women in propagating misogynistic behavior.  Be it through small gestures, like rushing boys out of the kitchen, which is considered "women's territory".  Or asking young boys how many girlfriends they have.  Ashmarie is strong spokesperson for human rights, equality and sexual education.

These themes are usually present in Ashmarie's work, one way or another.  Sometimes subtly, sometimes not.  Spa Day is one such project, written and protagonized by Ashmarie, which will begin rolling by early 2023.  She is currently preparing for her leading role in Lagrimas de Astilla, or "Splinter Tears", as Ainaima Urayoan.  Training hard, learning combat skills and practicing narration and dialogue, all in a day's work.