Freddy “Mayo” Antonio Hernandez

Business savvy, creative, passionate, compassionate & considerate.  These are some of the things that come to mind when I think about Antonio "Mayo" Hernandez.  One hell of a writer, too.  There's just something about certain people, people who put their minds to the wheel and just make things gravitate toward them.

As executive producer, Mayo is in charge of making the best of our screenplays, by taking care of the legal, financial and marketing aspects behind the creative process.  That said, he is also well-invested in the creative process.  By analyzing the latest trends, Mayo has developed a talent for predicting what the public wants; what will be popular vs. wha will crash.  He keeps us creative types in check when we get too picky or off-the-wall.

I immediately knew Mayo was a leader when we met back in College, whilst working on his Short Film, 5pm.  Leading by example, people became inspired by his determinatio and charisma and followed him.  The process was organized and flowed effortlessly.  Mayo didn't just ace that class; he made the department bend over backwards to open & offer that class.