Federico del Monte Valenzuela

Federico Del Monte Valenzuela was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on November 26, 1988, to Dominican immigrant parents. He became interested in the arts at an early age, so his parents enrolled him in the Central School of Visual Arts in Santurce, Puerto Rico, where he graduated from the digital arts workshop. He then spent several years studying in the departments of Electronics and Humanities with a focus on comparative literature at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon.

However, he decided to withdraw from formal studies to create his own educational path and delve into his passion for film production. Federico aspires to be an excellent film producer capable of providing essential support to make the visions of the filmmakers he collaborates with a reality.

In recent years, Federico's path has brought him to collaborate and participate in various productions such as "Enredo de Reyes", "El Bachatero del Diablo", "Melao" (Shortfilm), "Todo Por Amor", "Martita", "Tu Only Fans" and "Erase Una Vez En El Caribe" in roles in front and behind camera. Also to volunteer on many film festivals amoung them the Lusca Film Fest and the Puerto Rico Film Fest, which showcase talented rising puertorican and international filmmakers.

His first time as a producer was with "El Idiota" (What an Idiot), a succesful 2021 short-film directed by Omalik J. Rosado.

Federico's attention to detail, wide imagination and vision make him a very valued asset to the Nightshade team!