Spa Day
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An A-Typical Spa Day

Spa Day is a Horror/Dark Humor short film featuring a Spa client with very particular needs.  The visual effects & art style are meant to set the undertones for the film and take a leading - albeit subtle - role in the storytelling itself.

Set in San Juan Puerto Rico, starring Ashley Ramos Sanchez.

Horror & Gore
This film features scenes of blood & gore, physical harm & light bondage. But don't worry, it's all in tasteful & fun.
Full Nudity
We're not shy about the nudity in this one. The main character is nude for quite a few moments of the film, as well as her victim.
Monochromatic Filter
Spa Day looks and feels like a silent, black & white movie, for the most part. There's is little dialogue, and little color besides red, to make the blood stand out.
Original Soundtrack
Spa Day counts on a completely original soundtrack, which was made from scratch & designed specifically to fit each scene.
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